Information about Pharmovo


Pharmovo presents an online solution to turn Near-to-Expiry medicines into revenue at the push of a button:

We are an Online Platform that allows WDA Holders to both distribute Near to Expiry Pharmaceuticals and Buy Wholesale Items at a significant discount to market prices.

The Pharmaceutical World is plagued with a problem, a huge amount of pharmaceutical waste due to expiry and nowhere to rapidly distribute this near-to-expiry medicine and turn this lost cash into revenue.

In the UK alone there is £140 Million of medicine that expires each year. This loss of revenue is most felt by Wholesalers across the country.

We were founded with the intention of using technology to modernise the way in which wholesalers distribute medicine, while maintaining the security of the current wholesale process, through stringent due diligence verification. 

As a startup we also have a commitment to find both buyers for listed items and suppliers of pharmaceuticals at a dramatic discount to current market prices. 

Our mission is  to reduce this waste experienced in the UK and to ultimately help you forge new relationships and waste less medicine.

*Please Note we currently only accept valid WDA(H) Holders to use and access our platform.